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Keeping your home warm during winter has been a challenge man has faced since the very dawn of time. However, as technology has advanced, we’ve enjoyed warmer and more efficient homes. Today, that technology has grown and become so refined that we’re able to utilize the advantages of some of the most effective heating technologies all at the same time. This is the principle behind the Daikin VRV LIFE dual-fuel heating system, one of the most advanced and effective heating solutions ever developed. Daikin has long been a pioneer in heating and cooling innovation, and we’re proud to be able to install this new technology in your home here in Santa Clarita!

At Sol-Aire Air Conditioning Co., we are proud to be a preferred Daikin product dealer. We share the same spirit of innovation and progress, and we’re proud to be able to outfit your home with a system that will keep you warmer while using less energy. All of our services are held to the highest standards of quality, and we use the latest tools and training to make sure every system we install or repair is functioning perfectly for your complete peace of mind. We’ve proudly served our community since 1973, and we’re eager to uphold our reputation for dependability and quality each and every time a customer trust their home to us.

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What Is Dual-Fuel Technology?

The Daikin VRV LIFE system is the industry’s first residential heat pump which features variable refrigerant volume and a gas furnace connection. This combination of different heating technologies in a single unit is known as “dual-fuel” technology, and is by far the most efficient way of keeping your home warm while also maintaining dependability all winter long.

Dual-fuel technology is the term used to describe heating systems which combine the energy efficiency of a heat pump with the dependability and power of a gas furnace. In other words, they can use both electricity or natural gas to heat your home. When the weather is cool, but not too cold, the system utilizes an ultra-efficient heat pump to extract heat from the atmosphere in order to heat your home. When it gets too cold for a heat pump to work effectively, the system then switches over to a natural gas-powered furnace, which can work smoothly down to extraordinarily frigid temperatures.

However, the Daikin system is also unique in that it offers you the flexibility of being able to mix and match both ducted and duct-free furnaces and air conditioners. Ductless systems are quickly becoming popular due to their ability to allow for temperature flexibility in different rooms of your home. The VRV LIFE system allows you to connect up to nine different ductless HVAC systems to one main unit! However, you can also utilize a duct network in your home for full central heating and cooling as well! You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits and advantages of both types of HVAC equipment all from the same system!

What are some advantages of the Daikin VRV LIFE System?

  • Ability to choose between gas and heat pump heating at various temperatures
  • Ability to use heat pump heat at temperatures down to -4 Fahrenheit
  • Built-in auto changeover between gas and heat pump
  • Automatic changeover to gas heat during heat pump defrost cycles—no more cold drafts!
  • Extremely quiet operation with sound levels below 58 dBA.
  • Add or remove heating zones without rerouting any ductwork in your home
  • Reduced power consumption by leaving units not in use powered off

Interested in learning more about this revolutionary technology or seeing for yourself just how much your home could benefit? Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced heating and air conditioning professionals by contacting Sol-Aire Air Conditioning Co. today.

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