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The products created by QuietCool are the most technologically advanced cooling and ventilation systems on the market. The second you turn your fan on, your home will feel cooler—bringing the temperature down 5-10 degrees within moments. In fact, the Department of Energy has stated that using a QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fan is the most cost-effective way to cool your property.

These fans work by bringing in fresh, cool air from outside, circulating this air throughout the home, and pulling hot, stagnant air out. This not only results in a more comfortable space, but also a cleaner one, since this fan also reduces your exposure to harmful pollutants like dander, dust, bacteria, and allergens, and eliminates bad odors.

We proudly install and service the following energy-efficient QuietCool systems:

Trident Pro X: This series of fans is not only highly dependable, thanks to the permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor, but also versatile. Trident Pro models range from 1,500 CFM to 7,000 CFM. This gives homeowners complete control of their airflow. The innovative, self-contained duct system maximizes efficiency by minimizing noise and the R5 insulated damper system ensures there is no heating or cooling loss.
Stealth Pro X: This series stands apart from the rest due to the electronically commutated (ECM) AC/DC brushless motor, which allows the system to switch between alternating current and direct current and requires fewer repairs thanks to minimal moving parts. Saving you money on repairs and energy bills. This unique motor in combination with the self-contained duct system and the R5 insulated damper system, makes for an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and quiet cooling solution.
RF Control: Control your home’s air at the tap of a button. This wireless control allows you to control your fan by up to 100 feet away and offers up to 20 different switches per fan to ensure complete control and comfort while keeping the controller out of reach of curious kids.
Pro-Attic Fan (AFG Pro-3.0): This system is designed for larger spaces, so you never have uneven cooling at home. The PSC motor pulls up to 3,000 CFM while using minimum wattage, so you receive quality cooling without a high price tag, no matter the size of your property.
Smart Attic Fan (AFG SMT-3.0): QuietCool’s most energy-efficient fan yet! This smart model can reach 3,000 CFM, and also has a built-in thermostat/humidistat so once your space begins to cool down, the system will automatically cycle to a lower speed, saving you drastically on energy usage. Additionally, this system comes with presets, so your fan only runs when you need it to.
Solar Attic Fan: This durable system, housed in powder coated steel, can increase the lifespan of your roof and air conditioner while saving you on AC costs. This fan uses sunlight to power the fan’s motor and has an AC/DC inverter so your fan can run even at night and on cloudy days.

Keep Your Home Comfortable with QuietCool

These systems are all incredibly quiet, utilizing acoustical ducting, as well as powerful and energy-efficient. Our experienced technicians know that no two homes are the same, which is why we offer such a variety of solutions, including wireless, solar, and smart-control options.

QuietCool believes that every home deserves to be cool and comfortable, which is why they offer instant rebates and high-quality warranties.

To learn more about how to save money on QuietCool products, or to schedule your installation service today, call our team at (818) 319-4636 or fill out our online form.


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